The 7i Builder for Marketing Strategy and Design

Facilitating Change Management and Digital Transformation

7i Builder is an intelligent overlay software system and workflow for discovery, innovation, rationalization and design of strategic go-to-market campaigns.

7i Builder takes cross-functional collaboration and discovery to new levels for strategy, innovation, and brand management.

Collaborative Workflow

The 7i model is designed with workflow queues built in to allow quick implementation and promote cross-functional collaboration throughout an organization.

Agile and Iterative

Move your projects forward and keep evolving your brand and marketing plans as you maintain strategic integrity. The 7i model is a flexible, universal and responsive approach to growth and profitability.

Strategic and Adaptable

As organizational goals mature to respond to shifting market conditions, consumer demands, competition and stakeholder needs, the 7i model enables you to not only solve these challenges and more, but also achieve unparalleled heights of sustainable success through the process.

An enlightened discussion about the 7i Marketing Method: The MARK AMTOWER OFF CENTER Radio Show. Federal News Network, WTOP.

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